Undergarment NBC Protective Filtrating Suit by Trayal Corp

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Trayal Corp
Milosa Obilica
BB, Krusevac

NBC Undergarment Protective Filtrating M2 is intended for efficient multiple protection of a wearer against effects of droplets / aerosols of NBC Contaminants.


Technical Data


Undergarment is made from compositive material (cotton interlock (black), coated with spherical adsorbers, laminated with cotton PES-single jersey (black)), made by the sewing technology. Undergarment is made in three sizes: - small(S), medium (M) and large (L) size.

The mass of undergarment is not more than 1,5 kg.

Undergarment is weared under the standard uniform and it is compatibile with Protective hood, protective Mask, NBC Gloves and NBC Socks.

Protective characteristics of material are as follows:

Protection capacity againts mustard gas:

Substrate test acc. to the DB-3 method max. 4 g/cm2

penetrated amount of warfare agent after 6 hours at 5 x 1l S-Lost

Air permeability of undergarment under the DP =100Pa is min. 10 m3/m2*min.

Color is black.

Undergarment unit is packed in PE/A1/PA bag.

Group package depend on request.

Undergarment is used on in temperature range - 30 0 C do 500C.

Undergarment in their original package are stored in dark room at temperatures range 5 to 250 C and under relative humidity of 50 to 70 %.

Shelf life of Undergarment in original package is 10 years.

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