Wasp AE RQ-12A Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System by AeroVironment

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The Wasp AE Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) is the all environment version of AeroVironment’s battle proven Wasp III. With special design considerations for maritime and land operations, Wasp AE delivers, in a man packable asset, exceptional features of superior imagery, increased endurance, encrypted video, and ease of use that is inherent in all AeroVironment UAS solutions.


Operating virtually undetected, Wasp AE’s mechanically stabilized EO/IR gimbal payload transmits advanced imagery in high wind conditions for mission effectiveness. It also features hand-launch capabilities, with a deep-stall landing in confined areas on land or water. Wasp AE can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation, utilizing the system’s advanced avionics and precise GPS navigation.


The UAV is operated from AeroVironment’s battle proven ground control system (GCS) with a communications range of 5 km and flight endurance of 50 minutes. AeroVironment’s common GCS interfaces with all of its tactical ISR air vehicles reducing the level of training required and decreasing the time and cost involved.




Payloads                               Gimbaled payload with pan and tilt stabilized high resolution EO & IR camera

                                              in a compact aerodynamic modular payload.

Range                                    5 km Line-of-Sight, 5+km with DDL relay

Endurance                             50 min

Speed                                    20 knots cruise, 45+ knots dash

Operating Altitude (Typ.)       500 ft (152 m) AGL

Wing Span                             3.3 ft (102 cm)

Length                                    2.5 ft (76 cm)

Weight                                    2.85 lbs; 1.3 kg

GCS                                       Common GCS with Raven® and Puma

Launch Method                      Hand-launched in a confined area with remote launch capability

Recovery Method                  Deep-stall landing in a confined area


Efficient Motor

This low acoustic and efficient propulsion system enables a flight endurance of 50 minutes. Operators can see incredible detail without being detected.


Auto Pilot

This custom designed autopilot includes a Digital Data Link (DDL) compatible with Wasp, Raven and Puma AE Ground Control System (GCS).




This mechanical and digital gimbaled payload features an integrated high resolution EO and 640 x 480 IR camera for superior imagery.


Landing Camera

An integrated landing camera provides operators with excellent situational awareness during landing.



Man Packable & Rugged

A small, portable, reliable, and rugged unmanned aerial platform designed for front-line day/night reconnaissance and surveillance.  Ruggedized for use on land and sea, Wasp AE is AeroVironment's smallest UAS with a gimbaled EO and IR payload.




The motor and motor controller battery, payload and control surface actuators are all replaceable in the field within minutes and without the use of special tool.  This increases the operational availability of each UAS.

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